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How many times do we find ourselves in situations acting out and reacting from a place within. How many times do we regret to have behaved in a certain way and broke friendships, relationships or have kindled a family fight.
When reflecting on the situation, we realize we have acted according to old believes, old patterns or old hurts we are holding on to. This leads us to live a life ruled by past emotions and past experiences and keeps us living in the past.

The shamanic heart healing allows you to connect to these wounds, to acknowledge them and receive deep healing for the heart. We will tap below the obvious and untie cords that might be attached, heal wounds that might still be bleeding and calming emotions that might be stirring within and are calling to be healed.
This will lead you to a place of deep heart connection to yourself, deep understanding and love for yourself and most of all it will allow you to live your life in the present moment.

IMAGINE how life feels like to experience it in the NOW, without preconceived judgement of a situation or person made up by your mind…..

IMAGINE how it is to relate in a new way to people, to create new friendships, new relationships and find new love…..

IMAGINE to spend time with your family without holding onto a life long story…..

IMAGINE to live in the heart and connected to unlimited possibilities and how this might boost you in the life direction you always dreamed off…..

If this resonates with you and you desire a change see the flyer for contact details and book your session for this deep healing today.

I am looking forward sharing this transformational experience with you.

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