The relationship between the body and Mind has intrigued many people for hundreds of years. About three centuries ago, Descartes, the French scientist and philosopher set the scene for subsequent controversy by separating spatial matter , or matter, from thinking substance, or mind.

This dualism, of mind and matter, tended to divide the physical sciences from philosophy and psychology, so that progress on these two fronts of human knowledge has been in parallel rather than convergent.

In other words, the separateness of mind and body has been accepted as though each were a distinct entity without dependence of one upon the other. Yet it is obvious to even the most superficial inquiry that they are inextricably interdependent”. (Dr Philip Rhodes, FRCS., FRCOG. Dean, Faculty of Medicine, University of Adelaide South Australia).

As Mind Body Medicine Practitioners we recognise this forgotten link between the mind and body and how the mind is ultimately responsible for many of the conditions seen today and we look at how we can treat both the mind and body together to improve both mind and body. This is the future of medicine as most disease is externally driven by our lifestyle and what’s happening in our minds.

To feel self empowered we need to engage both the body and mind to help us find that power again.

We look at what is stopping the body from healing itself.

As a Mind Body Medicine Practitioner we are trained to understand the links between the mind/body so we can uncover what is stopping the body from healing itself.

We use the mind through client centred counselling to understand what stress patterns are playing out in your life – so as to work out what is driving your physical problem, then  tackle the root cause of stress.

We use the Body to help understand the mind, through massage, acupressure, and body work so as to help you connect to the deeper emotional sense of self.

Jayne Burrows

Mind Body Medicine Practitioner, Kinesiologist


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