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I have known and consulted with Jayne on numerous occasions over the past 8 years, and in my opinion she is the best practitioner I have encountered in her field. I think this is mainly due to her commitment and love of her work, and a genuine gift for healing people, and knowing exactly what they need. I don't think anybody would regret a session with Jayne.

S. Hall, Naturopath

Jayne is an outstanding Kinesiologist and Massage Therapist and I would not hesitate to recommend her.

Jenny Morawska, Managing Director

I went to see Jayne after I lost my Father and Partner just before I gave birth to my first child. It was a horrendous time. It was only through Jayne's support and sessions that somehow allowed me to connect to my internal strengths while giving time and space to process the enormous loss and grief I was experiencing. I can honestly say I don't think I would have functioned as well as a Mother had I not had kinesiology. It served to keep me in balance in an incredibly difficult time.
I found her sessions to be nurturing and deeply insightful and I have to say with time my son will thank her as much as I do now. Jayne’s caring and compassionate nature makes you feel comfortable to discuss anything without any judgement. I have always found her skills as a therapist second to none and can't recommend Jayne and her extensive knowledge on how your thoughts and emotions affect the quality of your life.
Anyone who is suffering with any grief, loss or experiencing difficult life changes go and see! She is truly amazing!

JM Southern Sydney, Counsellor

I went to see Jayne about a sore lower back and a stiff neck. I emerged a totally revitalised and rejuvenated physical, emotional and spiritual being. Jayne's devoted and caring attitude to her patients' mind and body together is total and complete. I could not recommend this lady highly enough

Mark Butler

Jayne made me feel completely at ease with her calm and professional approach in our sessions and what I got out of them was invaluable. I would highly recommend her.

Annelise Quattrociocchi

After being told by my Doctor that I had, what could be, a frozen shoulder, I then went for X-rays and had a scan, which just confirmed I needed treatment.
They advised me that I needed to come back for another scan and have a quarter zone injection. Didn't like the sound of that.
Decided I would go back to Rebekah down at North Avoca as I knew she would be able to work her magic and get things moving again.
After just one 1 1/2 hour treatment there was much improvement. I have now been to see her 3 times and the movement in my shoulder and arm is almost back to normal. In just a matter of weeks instead of months my arm movement has gone from barely moveable and very painful, to being able to get on with life.
I Highly recommend Rebekah when I come across anyone needed this kind of remedial treatment I always pass on her name and number.

Lyn Guthrie, Hunter Valley

I would like to give a testimonial to Rebecca for her great assistance to me after my arm/shoulder was broken and had to be immobilized for several weeks while the bone healed. Because of the immobilization I was unable to move my arm above shoulder height when I first had treatment with her, and since then my arm has improved to almost full-range mobility. I also have to state that in all of these manipulations Rebecca was very gentle and there was almost no discomfort involved, despite the fact that my arm was still in the process of healing. Due to being unable to continue treatments long enough to get it completely 100% functional as I live out of State, I will be visiting Rebecca for further treatment to regain my full range of movement which I am very confident she will help me to achieve.
I also had treatment with Rebecca previously to help with adjustment of my pelvis and spine after a broken hip from an old riding accident. Despite the length of time since the accident (about 20 years!), Rebecca managed to free up my spine with no actual spinal manipulation, level-up my hips and regain full rotation of my leg. Quite miraculous!
I am extremely grateful for her amazing expertise and knowledge and her skill in its application.

Rebecca’s very grateful Mum, Marian

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