Holistic Kinesiology

Kinesiology is a broad form of Complementary Medicine using non- invasive muscle-testing as a biofeedback to gauge a person’s wellbeing on an emotional physical and spiritual level.
It uses the premise that our bodies have inherent wisdom to heal themselves, and muscle testing allows us to tap into this wisdom/ intelligence.

Holistic Kinesiology combines Eastern Medicine Psychology and Philosophy (which includes Chinese Medicine and Indian medicine), with Western and Eastern Medicine’s understanding of Anatomy and Physiology and works to promote physical, emotional and spiritual health by uncovering the core issue that is preventing our bodies from healing.
Once the core issue is found we look at the beliefs and attitudes that may be holding us in this pattern, we then use the muscles to find a correction that the body requires to gently move us out of this negative pattern.
Bringing awareness to the mind regarding the key stress and clearing it from the body is empowering and transforming, it allows us to gain clarity insight and a new understanding so a different approach to life and ourselves is formed.

Jayne Burrows

Holistic Kinesiologist


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Holistic Kinesiology

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