Every cell in our body is creating waste that needs to be constantly carried away by our Lymphatic System.

Poor water intake, lack of exercise, heavy exertion, surgery and  removal of lymph nodes, can cause our lymphatic system to become sluggish and congested which can impact on muscular function and can affect our entire system from functioning at a optimal level.

Lymphatic drainage massage promotes detoxification, moves out waste buildup in our bodies and improves digestion which makes it beneficial for chronic conditions and post surgical care, including cosmetic.It is also extremely beneficial following Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy.

It can help a wide range of conditions such as:

  •  Acute injuries
  •  Oedema (including post surgical)
  • Lymphoedema,
  • Lipoedema
  • Rheumatoid arthritis,
  • Osteoarthritis.

Our trained therapist uses particular techniques which are aimed at clearing congestion built up in the lymph nodes and decrease swelling in your limbs. Our Lymphatic treatments are tailored specifically to the individual and can include high quality aromatherapy oils and hot stones to promote detoxification, reduce pain and move out excess fluid.

I can't express enough how much I highly recommend Rebecca Maher & Stephanie Carey. For years I have been suffering with severe mouth & throat ulcers after the removal of my tonsils. Seeing multiple doctors, specialists, endless amounts of blood test & many courses of prescription medication, in which had no impact on curing the issue. After doing all this for years on repeat I felt I needed to "flush" my body out. So that's when I decided booked into see Rebecca for a Lymphatic Drainage Massage.
I arrived to my first appointment with around 8 mouth ulcers, explained my situation to Bec & she ran through exactly what the massage about & the reasons to why she will use this technique to help my situation. I then met with Stephanie & she put together a plan for me, she went through all of my previous blood results & got a real idea on what she thought I could do to improve my everyday levels within the body.
I would get anywhere from 8 - 40 ulcers within the mouth/ throat every week, I never once had a day break from them. Within 2 days after the massage my ulcers had cleared up & no signs of any more coming out! Its been 6 weeks now & still NO ULCERS! These two lovely ladies have changed my life dramatically, I am no longer in discomfort or struggle to eat & drinks foods. I highly recommend if you have a similar situation or feel something isn't quite right, contact them today it could change your life too.

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