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Massage is my passion.
There is nothing better than being able to alleviate someone’s pain.
After completing my B A Degree in 2007, I couldn’t find any career I particularly wanted to do. I enrolled at Nature Care College to study a short course in Swedish Massage and fell in love with it.
I completed my Diploma of Remedial Massage at the College of Natural Therapies Holgate where I specialised in Remedial Massage, Trigger Point and Hot stone Therapy. Additionally I offer Therapeutic , Pregnancy, Sports, Lymphatic and Myofascial Release.

One of my specialities where I have had much success, is in the treatment of frozen shoulders. Increasing the range of movement and decreasing painful symptoms, through the use of combined Trigger Point, Bowen, and Myofascial  techiques. Gentle techniques, when combined together allow the area to ‘unravel and unwind’.  Useful for any area of the body where there is pain, discomfort and restriction.
I am very excited to be part of North Avoca Holistic Wellbeing Centre. I am accredited with the Australian Traditional Medicine Society and Health Fund rebates are available.


Remedial Massage
Therapeutic Massage
pregnancy Massage
Sports Massage
Myofascial Therapy
Trigger Point Release
Hot Stones
Lymphatic Drainage

Days: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
Appointment slots: 9.15am, 10.45am, 12.15pm, 1.45pm

Starting at 9.15am and finishing at 2.45pm

Rebecca’s Services


Lymphatic Drainage

To book and appointment with Rebecca Winter
Call her directly on 0450 655 332

My experience with myofacial massage with Bec was something I did not expect. I have been having remedial massage for many years but with a few visits with Bec I have found an amazing change.
I have had chronic pain for many years associated with emotional and physical connection.the shift in body blockages has not only released muscles but has also realigned postural dysfunction, giving me a sense of lightness. I can highly recommend it. Bec immediately connects to your areas of concern and seems to read your body's natural healing functions. Her ability in this area is second to none.


My first experience of Myofascial Massage therapy was unbelievably helpful to me. I am nearly 65 and I broke my hip about 25 years ago, and after being pinned and plated, my bone compacted in one direction which led to my hips and spine continually getting out of alignment. The metal work was later removed but left me with an ongoing problem which caused me to visit osteopaths, chiropracters and remedial therapists over the years. All of them helped me but none had the impact and lasting effect that the myofascial release did. With Bex’s help, at her instigation, after the fascia were activated, I simply let my leg follow a path of its own choosing, with some support from Bex, and felt no pain while I did so. As my leg ‘unwound’ itself from its semi-locked position and ‘re-wound’ itself, my spine (which was causing me considerable pain while walking) released the accumulated stresses and blockages as loud ‘popping’ noises and I literally felt it free up and move from vertebrae to vertebrae the full length of my spine and then back again. My pain had vanished and I felt completely re-aligned, without any hard or painful pressure being applied to any part of my body- a truly gentle but very powerful release. My only after effect was my leg felt a bit tired the next day as if it had had an exercise work-out, but my pain had gone and my hip and spine stayed ‘freed up’.

I have recently broken the top of my arm and my shoulder was immobilized for several weeks while the bone healed, and my range of arm movement is currently somewhat limited. I am hoping that Bex will be able to activate my ‘fascia’ again and restore my shoulder to its full range of function, with no pain and no strong pressure applied, as she did with my hip. I feel very confident that Bex will not force my body through any range of movement that it cannot cope with, and if it gets ‘stuck’ she will know how to gently release it. Like Bex, I believe in the innate wisdom of the body to heal itself when the right stimulation is given.


You can count on me to follow you wherever you go Bec! North Avoca Hollistic Wellbeing Centre are lucky to have you on their team. You always take a load off my shoulders (literally) and leave me feeling refreshed, relaxed and wanting more. Love the hot rocks but mostly love your ability to find those trigger points and release them everytime! xoxo