Let experienced hands release all your muscular tension and even find areas that you didn’t know were tight! We offer many different styles of massage, each session is tailor made according to your needs – whether you would like a massage that you can drift away into bliss, or one to get into all those tight niggly areas. We will accommodate your needs and requirements.

Whole Body Relaxation Massage

A beautiful, slow relaxation massage designed to lengthen and relax your muscles to send you into bliss. Hitting all the sweet spots. Enjoy the extra TLC to those areas that get neglected & worn out in daily life. Includes hands, feet and head massage.

Holistically You Massage

This massage is based on your physical, emotional and spiritual needs. After a consultation discussing these a massage will be designed specifically for you drawing upon Relaxation, Chinese, Advanced Deep Tissue,Transformational Touch Massage & Indian Head & Facial Massage. Specifically chosen Essential Oils can be used to support your desired outcome.

Advanced Deep Tissue Massage

A deeper pressure massage, focusing on releasing the deeper myofascial restrictions restrictions of the deeper muscles, tendons & ligaments of the body. Good for releasing chronic muscle tension through slow, deep strokes. Helps release trapped nerves, oxygenate poorly circulating areas & allows the spine and joint to relax into alignment. Incorporates; Myofascial release Neuro Muscular Techniques Palpation Good for; Athletes & occasional sports enthusiasts Individuals with chronic going & muscle injuries Anyone suffering any level of stress

Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage comes from ancient Ayurvedic Medicine which has been practiced in India for Thousands of years. Indian Head Massage is not only extremely relaxing and energising it can also have a profound affect upon the WHOLE Body. As with all massage, it stimulates the release of endorphins ( happy hormones), relaxation of the parasympathetic nervous system & generates feelings of inner well being and harmony. Good For; Stress relief/ management Tension release in Head, Neck & Shoulders Sinus/ Nasal Congestion Benefits; Clears the Mind Increases Alertness & Concentration Lowers Stress & Anxiety Increases Productivity Promotes good Sleep Releases stagnant Energy Helps balance Chakras

Tui na / Chinese Massage

Tui na massage is the Chinese healing art of deep massage. It is a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine which has been practiced in China dating back to 10,000 BC. It stimulates the bodies own healing and is used for bringing about well being & health. Usually performed clothed or under towels. ( By no means is this less effective, on the contrary, clients are surprised how good it feels). Incorporates the whole body. With extra focus given to areas of blocked energy / chi & tension. Good for; Energising Boosts vitality Releasing blocked energy Increasing flexibility Stress related disorders Dispersing toxins Easing Tension, Knots & Adhesions Relief from Chronic Pain Restoring harmony & Balance in the body & mind


Reiki is a form of alternative therapy that originates from Japan. The technique is used for Stress Relief, Relaxation and to promote Healing within the body. Rei means “Universal Wisdom/ God/ Higher Power”, and Ki means “Life Force Energy” Reiki works on a physical, emotional and energetic level. The practitioners hands have been activated by their Reiki Master to administer life force energy through them. The hands of the practitioner are merely the tools. During treatment hands will be lightly placed in sequence on and above your body. Clients tend to feel a warm glow and or tingling sensations from the practitioners hands. Deep inner peace, relaxation,comfort, ease and feelings of harmony can be felt during treatment. It is not uncommon for people to fall into a deep sleep. Reiki can clear and balance the Chakras (energy centres) of the body. Reiki will go to wherever the body is needing. Its been known to bring about positive transformational change in peoples lives when undergone regularly. Reiki can be used as a single treatment or as an ongoing therapy to support and enhance other work such as Counselling, Life coaching, Kinesiology or times of personal change. Benefits Promotes feelings of Inner Peace & Well being Creates Deep Relaxation Promotes Harmony & Balance Works on an Energetic Level to remove blocks and areas of stagnstagnation Assists body in cleansing & Detoxing Aids better Sleep Promotes Bodies Self Healing Helps Relieve Pain Promotes Spiritual Growth Soothing during times of emotional distress

Mini Facial 30 mins

This mini facial is perfect for a busy lifestyle. If you & your skin need a quick pick me up and your senses a wake me up, this is the one to go for. Includes; Cleansing ( Removing Toxins & Dirt) Exfoliation ( Removal of dead Skin Cells) Heat Treatment Tone Moisturise Mini Massage

Deluxe Facial (including relaxing hand, arm & neck massage)

This is the Ultimate of Facials. If your feeling particularly stressed and wanting deep relaxation, or your skin is needing a deeper, thirst quenching treatment to bring it to life, then this is the one to go for. Includes; Cleanse Exfoliation Tone Heat Treatment Face Mask Hand arm & neck Massage Deeply relaxing Facial Massage Moisturise

Super Deluxe Facial

Enjoy the benefits of a beautiful hour long Deluxe Facial with the added bonus of an additional 30 minutes relaxing back, neck & shoulder massage. Any tensions will be released and replaced with the feeling of being deeply nourished, nurtured and relaxed. You will be guaranteed blissed out for the rest of the day and ready for the week ahead.

Meditation 1-1 Sessions

Meditation is a Scientifically proven form of stress relief. The practice has been around for thousands of years and practiced amongst many different cultures and traditions around the world. There are many different meditation styles, types and techniques. It can be helpful to have a person guide you into meditation, to help you relax, learn and enjoy the benefits of this practice. You will be guided into a meditation to suit your personal needs in a relaxing environment, whilst enjoying the relaxing sounds and essential oils. You can have this as a 1-1 session or incorporated into your Massage, Reiki or Life Coaching sessions. This is 100 % you time. Time to really relax, re balance and gain strength for your self and life. Benefits of Meditation include; Reduces Stress in the body and emotionally Reduces inflammation Helps us cope with and deal with every day life easier Resets your happy point Improves Sleep Promotes feelings of happiness, peace of mind and personal well being Improves brain function Improves metabolism Increases immunity & helps fight disease Lowers BP Increases attention span Increases energy levels Helps reduce anxiety & depression Improves self esteem & optimism Contributes to emotional well being & resilience Reverses molecular damage caused by stress


Organic Facial
60 mins $100 including relaxing hand, arm & neck massage
30 mins ‘mini facial’ $50
Organic Facial and Massage
1.5 hr $150
Relaxation Massage
1 hr $90, 1.5hr  (recommended) $135, 2hr $180
Holistic Massage
1 hr $90, 1.5hr  (recommended) $135, 2hr $180
Deep Tissue Massage
1 hr $90, 1.5hr  $135
Indian Head Massage
20 mins $30  | 30 mins $45
Indian Head with Back,
Neck & Shoulder Massage
60 mins $90

Special Pure Bliss Packages

3 hours of pure Bliss!
Four treatments over the course of 3 hours;

1 hour Relaxation Massage | 1 hour Organic Facial | 30 mins Indian Head Massage | 30 mins Reiki

Total 3hrs $285

Massage & Reiki
1.5hr $150
Organic Facial, Massage & Reiki
2hrs $200
Meditation & Massage
1.5hr $150
Tui Na / Chinese Massage
30 mins $60, 1hr $120
30 mins $50 ,1hr $100, 1.5 hr $150

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Integrative Holistic Approach Assessment

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