Shamanic Healing is an ancient traditional healing medicine which has been used in tribal cultures for thousands of years. It existed in the west until the inquisition.

The Shamanic viewpoint is all about empowerment and restoring balance, allowing symptoms to subside and helping you to access other resources available from other streams of consciousness.
It aims for internal resolution, centeredness and balance. It is not about ‘curing’ but facilitating healing. It sees symptoms as opportunities for healing – as they are signposts which show you the way to wellness.

“While the body is the seat of our consciousness and identity in this world, it is simply one stream among many. It is the doorway to a broader view of our existence which encompasses many other streams, many other forms of life, and ways of being and doing”

says Dr Ralpe Locke Professor in Parapsychology at Duke University USA. Dr Locke researched states of consciousness and human potential.
Shamanic healing is for trauma that doesn’t seem to heal with words,  or over time alone. This is because trauma can sometimes leave imprints within our soul or even cause parts of our soul to become disconnected. This may leave us with a feeling of emptiness within or constriction.
The Shamanic healer offers the opportunity within the sessions to reconnect to these lost parts of our soul and heal wounds on a deep soul level. This allows us to embrace and reclaim ourselves.
Shamanic healing facilitates a reconnection to our spirit within ourselves and to our environment.

Gabriela Ming

Shamanic Healer