What is Private Subconscious-mind Healing (P.S.H.)?  

PSH is a form of therapy that accesses the subconscious- mind to help resolve the emotional and physical, instead of consciously talking through or analysing your problems…

It accesses the subconscious by the therapist inducing a state of relaxation in you, then the therapist will introduce both imagery and words to activate the subconscious, this creates the re-building of healthy, appropriate links or “bridges” with the Conscious mind. With the conscious and subconscious now aligned – thoughts and feelings are resolved.

It is a tried and true approach to therapy which uses the most up-to-date understanding of our natural subconscious processes.

P.S.H. is unique in that it respects the client’s integrity and his/her own inherent healing ability and recognises that it is not necessary to reveal what is often intensely personal and private information for inner change to occur.

How can PSH help you?

Our subconscious-mind is the instinctive, creative part of us that holds all our life experiences. It is the part that is in control of our feelings, imagination, and dreams. It is a part of our ‘inner self’ that oversees our automatic responses, our ability to heal, our ability to experience love, happiness, fear and depression, etc. How can it help you? If you have feelings, responses, behaviours or symptoms (often of a physical nature) that you have been unable to change with conscious effort or other types of professional help, then most likely these things are being driven by something at a subconscious level. If this is the case, we could say that you have a conscious level problem, with a subconscious level cause. For instance, you are aware of the “problem” – the symptoms – but unaware of the underlying causes. Such problems are rarely resolved permanently through conscious level effort, as we cannot really be aware of the causes at that outer level of our awareness. However, most people believe they know the cause and often spend a long time in therapy, only to continue having their problems.

So, if you think you know what the causes of your problems are, then why can’t or haven’t you changed them?” The fact is, we cannot truly know (consciously), what occurs in our subconscious, and if the problem is being caused in the subconscious, it must be changed in the subconscious. A trained P.S.H. therapist can guide you to that part of your subconscious, where your inner resources can gently and privately eliminate the original emotional and physical causes of your problems.


Sharon Corbett

Private Subconscious-mind Healing Therapist