Transpersonal Counselling

Transpersonal Counselling is a form of counselling which looks at the entire person. The process is one of integration of the various parts of the self into the whole.

“Trans – personal” means “beyond personal” or “ beyond the ego.” You are more than your personality, belief systems and thoughts. These aspects are part of you, but not the whole picture of what you as a human are capable of.We exist in a spectrum of consciousness, there are many ways that you can experience yourself and your realities. Different states of consciousness are sleep, dreams, thinking, anger, meditation, vigorous exercise etc Less common are peak experiences of insight, oneness, depression and spiritual emergence. The transpersonal counsellor has been trained in facilitating and guiding you to access these specific states for healing.This Transpersonal model places crisis, illness, and difficulty into a larger context of “growth.” This is where you learn about yourself. Illness is seen as a natural part of your growth and healing process.

Holistic Kinesiology

Kinesiology is a broad form of Complementary Medicine using non- invasive muscle-testing as a biofeedback to gauge a person’s wellbeing on an emotional physical and spiritual level.
It uses the premise that our bodies have inherent wisdom to heal themselves, and muscle testing allows us to tap into this wisdom/ intelligence.

Holistic Kinesiology combines Eastern Medicine Psychology and Philosophy (which includes Chinese Medicine and Indian medicine), with Western and Eastern Medicine’s understanding of Anatomy and Physiology and works to promote physical, emotional and spiritual health by uncovering the core issue that is preventing our bodies from healing.
Once the core issue is found we look at the beliefs and attitudes that may be holding us in this pattern, we then use the muscles to find a correction that the body requires to gently move us out of this negative pattern.
Bringing awareness to the mind regarding the key stress and clearing it from the body is empowering and transforming, it allows us to gain clarity insight and a new understanding so a different approach to life and ourselves is formed.

Art Therapy

Art Therapy is a style of counselling where you will use crayons, pencils or even clay to express your feelings, or problems, in art form.

Our art therapist, is trained in Psychotherapy , and will work with you to uncover the underlying messages that are communicated through your work. These are usually in the form of symbols and metaphors.This process is an enlightening one, as sometimes it may be hard to actually verbally communicate your concerns, or connect with the way you feel . It is through this creative process that amazing discoveries and insights of oneself can be made.

Couples Counselling

Provides an opportunity to strengthen your family relationships by promoting positive communication with each other and an appreciation of your differences.

It allows a deeper understanding of yourself and your relationships, inviting positive connections into your life.

Private Subconsious-mind Healing Therapy

A therapeutic environment that will nurture and promote healing, as true healing comes from within. Positive changes can be made to health and happiness, by allowing your subconscious-mind to resolve your emotional issues, instead of consciously talking through or analysing your problems.

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Integrative Holistic Approach Assessment

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