Art Therapy is a style of counselling where you will use crayons, pencils or even clay to express your feelings, or problems, in art form.

Our art therapist, is trained in Psychotherapy, and will work with you to uncover the underlying messages that are communicated through your work. These are usually in the form of symbols and metaphors.

This process is an enlightening one, as sometimes it may be hard to actually verbally communicate your concerns, or connect with the way you feel .

It is through this creative process that amazing discoveries and insights of oneself can be made.

Emma French

Transpersonal Counsellor/ Transformational Therapy/ Art therapy/ Energy Healing


Lymphatic Massage

Holistic Kinesiology

Massage/ Kinesiology

Mind Body Medicine


Transpersonal Art Therapy


Integrative Holistic Approach Assessment

Integrative Holistic Approach Assessment