Samantha is a holistic therapist/counsellor with a difference. Working with the body, mind and spirit , she works on many levels to create shifts and changes quickly and effectively.
Samantha focuses on uncovering limiting beliefs , attitudes and release blocked emotions and unravel core issues with ease.

Using her unique intuitive and psychic gifts together with her professional training in Transpersonal Art Therapy , Kinesiology and Clinical Hypnotherapy, sessions are insightful and deeply healing .

She deals not only with the conscious mind but more importantly the unconscious mind where the majority of most issues reside .
She works to connect the client with their own wisdom , resources and strengths .

Sessions are an 90mins .
Note: Soul Mapping and Intuitive spiritual guidance are available within a session or as a stand alone appointment.

Samantha’s Services

Holistic Kinesiology

Mind Body Medicine


Transpersonal Art Therapy