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Emma’s sessions beautifully combine Transpersonal counselling, art therapy and mindfulness techniques to help people shift and break through challenging experiences that are otherwise hard to understand and accept. As a highly intuitive and compassionate facilitator and with 18 years experience, Emma helps you to see the bigger picture in life and helps you to feel empowered to take the steps necessary for your own personal power and healing. Often clients find transformations occur after the first few sessions.

Emma creates a wonderful, nurturing space for all her clients. The sessions are particularly ideal for anyone experiencing one or more of the following: extreme stress, depression, anxiety and panic attacks, fear, dissociation, relationship problems, career issues, eating disorders, disconnection, psychical pain and trauma.
Transpersonal Counselling is client-centred counselling that works to reveal inner guidance while reserving judgement. It works with the whole person and recognises each person in the context of their psychological, social and cultural life. It looks to helping the individual find purpose and meaning in life.
With the therapists support we can access our own deeper levels of wisdom, creativity, and potential. By focusing on self-healing, self-development and self-realisation we can uncover our true essence and embrace life with more awareness.
Emma also encourages using art as a powerful tool that assists clients in their search for spiritual guidance and accessing painful memories that may be hard to talk about. When we express emotions, by using colour, shape, form, texture or simply by using words, we find that our inner world has profound meaning and answers. You don’t need to have any previous experience with art or drawing as this modality is not about how good you can draw, it is what you draw that is most important. Everyone has their own unique way of expressing their feelings and art is only one tool to your inner emotions.
Energy Healing is a beautiful experience that helps you to sink into a deeper state of bliss and supports your energy systems for more vitality, peace and rest. It works by transmitting the universal life force energy through the use of the hands. This energy is then directed through the clients energy systems and chakras – reconnecting them with only positive and healing energy, which is available to everyone.
Emma is originally from England and moved to Australia in 2002. She now lives on the Central Coast with her fiancé. She is extremely passionate about the earth and animals which led her to adopting a plant-based lifestyle in a way of supporting our beautiful planet. Emma’s love for travel and other cultures keeps her forever seeking teachings and wisdom so she can keep creating new and unique ways to help others reach a place of contentment and fulfilment.

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