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Inspired by her lifelong health challenges and her deeply compassionate nature to help others, Cecily has spent the last 2 decades studying and developing her personal and professional practices in the holistic and natural health industry.

Since 2002 she’s been training and teaching as a Hatha Yoga Instructor, specialising in the Mindfulness and Breath Awareness aspects for deep physical body cleansing, as well as mental and emotional health.
She started Massage Therapy in 2004 specialising in the Therapeutic Thai and Fascial Release work and for 10 years assisted in annual training workshops until developing her own signature style of Therapeutic Massage. Her years of study and research inspire a trauma informed, somatic approach using a thick floor mat for a grounded and deeply restorative experience.

Through this work and after many years witnessing the healing potentials of deep cleansing and lifestyle transformation, Cecily has expanded her therapeutic practice to include Abdominal Detox massage, Lymphatic Drainage Massage and has also trained and certified as a Health Coach and Counsellor.

She works skilfully and intuitively to help facilitate the unique healing process required by each individual and has a great capacity to nurture and support on many levels of the physical, mental, emotional and soulful wellbeing.

About Cecily’s Advanced Therapeutic Bodywork Massage:

Cecily’s extensive background in the Healing Arts has inspired this transformational style of massage that integrates her past 15 years of trainings and experience working with the Universal Principals of Yoga, Meditation, Breathwork and Advanced Therapeutic Thai Massage.

Her technique focuses on the connection between mindset and subconscious thought patterns that become like holding patterns within the body, limiting the bodies natural ability to heal. She works gently but deeply throughout the fascia and connective tissue pathways, much similar to the nervous system pathways, helping to release any stored tensions, toxins or traumas. She’ll use light oils, supported stretching and slow but deep compression pulsing with some visualisation and guided breathing.
The sessions have a minimum time of 90 minutes and a maximum of 3 hours.
The longer session times are due to the fact that only when given the proper amount of support and time (usually 90seconds -3 minutes for each point) will the body then naturally soften it’s grip and allow for there to be an actual release of the tissue fibres without having to force anything which can cause unnecessary soreness and scar tissue. Cecily’s highly affective approach uses body listening and time as a tool.
Gravity is also an important component of her work. She uses a cushioned, thick, organic cotton mat the size of a single bed and plenty of bolsters of all sizes to optimally support her clients feeling grounded and safe to extend the limbs fully. She will offer different positions and stretches depending on the needs of the individual and always reminds you to feel gravity as a measurable way to know if you are resisting the complete release or not. (You can try it now… let go into gravity and see how many subconscious grips let go when you do 😉 Now take a deep breath…you just reestablished your mind body connection and are ready to take the next step in your healing process!

Cecily’s Services


Ceci, Thank you for the past 10 years of healing massage you have given me. Your complete dedication, natural grace, the extended time you give to assure that I feel complete release... the gift of your body knowledge and intuitive sense of what is needed...the result that I’m ‘walking on air’ when I leave! I feel at a loss when you are away because there is no one else like you.

Isobel HOsa, Costa Rica

I’ve had massages in the past but this experience was completely different. Ceci is a spiritual and physical healer and has the incredible ability to help you focus your attention to breathe through deep discovered areas of stress. I felt a flow from meridian points out through my hands and feet and by the end, I felt lighter and more flexible than I have in years.

Jim OEureka, Cal. US

I have been receiving massages from Cecily for several years now, and can attest that she is exceptional at her work. Besides being deeply relaxing and therapeutic, her massages invite your participation and provide benefits that follow you long after you leave the mat. Her guidance helps to focus your energy and breath so you get the fullest benefit of your experience. With her work I have learned to help my body with mental and breath techniques that have changed my life.

Daniel FTrinidad, Cal. US

My massage with Cecily was incredible. I felt a lot of release and am so glad I did 2 hours. Her knowledge of the body and muscles was extensive. I highly recommend a session with her, she knows her stuff.

Simone GCentral Coast, Australia

Beautiful, Cecily is a whole other level of experience, an amazing healer

Karen, McKinneyCentral Coast, Australia